Each one of us is given human life only for the purpose of realizing God. If we forsake this duty, we will never be happy in this life or in many other lives. To tell you the truth, this is the only reason for human suffering, and nothing else. If we realized how we struggled in our mother's womb, how we repented our past lives' mistakes, and how we promised God to utilize this present life in a very meaningful manner to serve Him, before we were born, then we would never waste one second to think of anything else but to try our best in all our leisure time to realize God!

But as soon as we are born into this world, we forget everything. Because it is the law of the material world to let people forget. Therefore, it is necessary that a Master come and remind us again, again and again, until we remember what we had promised to God, inside the womb of our mother. We might not remember with our physical brains, but our souls, the ability of our wisdom will remember.

Because God wants to bless the earth through us, we came down to be a link between heaven and earth. But because we have been exhausted and tired for so long, we have forgotten our great mission. This is why a Master comes once in a while to remind us of our true nature. This is why we are here.

Once we earnestly practice the exercises taught during initiation, we attain a balance between heaven and earth, being able to carry out earthly duties and to recognize the Heavenly Kingdom simultaneously. Since we have various earthly duties to fulfill, we should finish them as much as possible. However, our foremost duty on earth is to bless it so it may become a paradise, so that all living things can lead a pleasant life while developing simultaneously into higher consciousness step by step. In other words, we serve to aid in the evolution of the universe, awakening and using the Godly Power within us.

It is for this reason that we require the initiation that leads to immediate enlightenment, bestowing upon us the power that we can apply directly to best serve the world. Merely developing and unfolding bodily or physical power and offering it to the world does not suffice. That is why our world still remains as it is today, even though all of mankind is yearning for higher development and a better world. It is time we rediscover this, the greatest power in us, as soon as possible, so that our life on earth will change for the better, and the coming generations may grow up in a better environment. When we watch the present miserable state of our world, we discern only too well the absolute necessity for immediate enlightenment, not just to benefit us and our generation alone, but for the best legacy we could leave for posterity. That's true love in action.


Q. Master, if we enjoy living so much on this earth, why do we have to try so hard to go to heaven?

M. Oh, then please don't try. Who told you to try hard? (Master laughs.) Only the people who want to go, should go. If you enjoy this world so much, it's good for you, good luck; and I hope you enjoy it long (laughter), because one never knows, one never knows what tomorrow brings. That's the problem.

If we can always enjoy in this world, if I can put a stamp to guarantee that you'll never suffer, ever in this world, and you'll continue to enjoy all your life, and next life, next life, then please don't consider heaven. But no one can guarantee you that. You see it for yourself. All the kings, all the glorious hierarchy, the kings and queens, where are they now? They have enjoyed more than you did, more than you'll ever dream of. Where are they now? What do they do now? Where are their enjoyments? You know the answers.


Q. What is the purpose of life? How can one know if reincarnation really exists? What is the soul and what is its origin?

M. Oh! This is terrible. So many questions. What is the purpose of life? I think we can only know it after enlightenment. Now, it I tell you very much, you would not understand, you would not even believe me. The purpose of life is that God sends us here to bless the world with our inner power. But we bless so much and we exhaust ourselves. Our treasure runs out, our power runs out, and we need now to recharge. And we don't know it. So my mission is to come to recharge you. Then you can bless this life, this world again. And then you can go home, not empty-handed, but full and blissful as you were originally, since the time without beginning.